Increase Your Practice Revenue …

  • No capital investment
  • No contract 
  • 24 hour turn around
  • No scanning
  • Comprehensive reports with page 1 summary 
  • 72 hour recording
  • No charge, maintenance and repairs
  • Maximized revenue 

Zero Capital Investment

No investment in equipment, software, or supplies is required. PAS provides everything needed on a continuing basis under a low cost rental program for the monitor units.

NO FEES for broken equipment!

Holter Monitor Service Features:

  • 3-channel digital Holter monitors for increased signal quality and rhythm recognition
  • Advanced Arrhythmia Detection via our FDA approved and automated analysis platform

Simplicity and Efficiency

  • Simple hook-up with digital LCD display
  • Easy data download via USB
  • NO SCANNING INVOLVED: Our service team monitors and scans the data to build a full report ready for physician review

Documents & Resources

Here you will find a list of important documents and helpful resources.

Your report fee includes insurance on each device, so if a patient loses or damages the device, PAS will replace it.

The typical recording time is 72 hours.

No, all studies are reviewed by a Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician.

While life can happen, PAS is 99.4% on time and, in most cases, has a turn around rate of under 18 hours.


  • “Your team is amazing! Thanks for the great service.” -Head Cardiac Nurse, Houston, TX

  • “So glad we chose your PAS team!” -Primary Care, PA

  • “Thanks for the tremendous turnaround time!” -Physicians Group, NJ