About Us

Physician founded by Dr. Ralph J. LaGuardia in January of 2008, Physicians Ancillary Systems, LLC, known to its clients as PAS, was established on the principle of bringing added value to providers and their patients by providing a variety of ancillary services to physicians with the following values in mind:

PAS services:

  • Provide a high clinical value to our providers and patients
  • Have a high payer acceptance with no financial hardships placed upon patients
  • Provide a positive contribution to the practice, hospital or facility’s bottom line
  • Require no investment or extra staff within the practice

PAS offers state-of-the-art Extended Holter Monitoring. Whether you’re a hospital, a large cardiology practice or a small practice, we can help you with a complete program or expand upon your current program.┬áPAS continues to bring new solutions and technology to its provider clients on an ongoing basis, as we all adapt to the ever-changing healthcare climate. PAS Corporate Offices are located in Rocky Hill, CT and typically have local representatives in your area. We are always here to answer questions!