Patient Setup


Clean Skin = Clean Signal

  1. Attach the electrodes to the lead wires on the patient cable.
  2. Shave the chest hair at the electrode sites, if necessary.
  3. Clean the skin with alcohol to remove body oils, lotion or powder.
  4. Dry the skin with gauze to remove alcohol residue.
  5. Gently abrade the skin using the abrasive pad at the electrode sites, to remove dead skin cells.
  6. Apply electrodes to the prepped skin using the lead placement diagram as a guide.
  • Excess lead wire can be looped and taped to prevent pulling on the electrodes.


Helpful Electrode Placement Hints:

  1. White clouds on the right.
  2. Clouds (white) over grass (green), smoke (black) over fire (red).


Power Up:

  • Open the back of the unit
  • Insert AAA battery
  • Firmly plug in cable

About this Unit:

  • There is only general information, no changes are needed

Unit Settings:

  • Is the date and time correct?
  • Leave the contrast at #4


  • You can select either Alpha Numeric or just Numeric for ID patients (DOB, etc.)
  • Switch “Confirm Erase” to YES

ECG Settings:

  • Duration is set to the required length (3 days, etc.)
  • Set Auto start to 15 minutes; the study will automatically start


  • This unit does not have Bluetooth capability

Patient Information:

  • This is a practice decision
  • It is recommended to input only the DOB to avoid HIPPA issues; if the unit is lost or stolen

Review and Start:

  • Review tracing to confirm that the tracing looks good
  • Start recording; if you forget, Auto Start will begin the study in 15 seconds
  • The unit will automatically turn off after the study time has elapsed


These are rented units, so please DO NOT write on the unit with marker, adhesive asset tags, etc.