Setup Instructions

How should I prepare?

When you receive the test, make sure to:

  • Avoid oily or greasy lotions the day you will take the test; they can make it challenging for the electrodes to stay in place on your skin.
  • Wear a shirt that you can easily remove; this is to make the placement of electrodes on your chest easier.

Skin Prep

  1. Identify the electrode sites
  2. Shave all body hair from the electrode sites
  3. Use alcohol wipes provided to rub the skin where the electrodes will be placed
  4. Let air dry

ECG Hookup

  1. Attach clips to the disposable electrode pads
  2. Peel the back of the electrode pad off
  3. Stick the electrode to the prepared skin area
  4. Plug the cable in to start the study

Next Steps

  • Go about your day as normal
  • Avoid getting any part of the device wet
  • Do not shower or swim while the study is in progress; use wet wipes or a washcloth and soap to clean where necessary