What’s the Best Holter Monitor Device?

With such a wide range of different types of Holter monitors available, it can be difficult to determine which is the best for your practice. While some devices may come with their own specialized features and services, many of these Holter monitor services require some type of investment or purchase. Physicians Ancillary Systems, on the other hand, provides practices with top-of-the-line Holter monitoring devices and services without placing any financial hardships upon providers or patients. PAS’s state-of-the-art devices are outfitted with multi vector coverage for increased rhythm detection, and our Holter program alleviates the usual difficulties to providing Holter monitoring services with features such as:

  • Increased diagnostic yield
  • Complete, comprehensive 72 hours of critical data
  • PAS’s 3 channel digital monitoring devices come with enhanced signal quality and are capable of capturing rhythm recognition
  • Superior Holter Monitoring devices
  • Quick
  • Simple to use
  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Does not require the purchase of additional equipment or software
  • No scanning
  • CRAT (certified Rhythm Analysis Technicians) review every beat
  • Full report within 24 hours of uploading data
  • Better reimbursements
  • Higher revenue contribution
  • PAS’s low fee for this service program leaves more money in your practice

With these advanced features, Physicians Ancillary Systems is able to provide practices with high quality Holter monitoring services designed to obtain the most accurate results possible. But don’t just take our word for it! See how we compare with the leading patch Holter monitor company:

PAS Holter Monitors

  • Do not require a capital investment or purchase of monitor
  • Do not need to be taken off to shower
  • Offer multi vector coverage
  • 24-hour report turn around
  • All Holter monitors are reusable
  • Includes consumables
  • Do not require mailing as reports are received the very next day
  • Produce easy to read reports with front page summaries
  • Come with damage insurance included for lost or damaged equipment
  • Help maximize practice revenue
  • Do not require a patch
  • You can upload data conveniently from your office

Leading Patch Company

  • Require a capital investment or purchase of monitor
  • Holter monitor must be taken off to shower
  • Device only offers single Vector coverage
  • Test results can take weeks to process
  • Holter monitors are NOT reusable
  • Do not include consumables
  • Holter monitors must be mailed in order to receive reports
  • Do NOT come with damage insurance included for lost or damaged equipment
  • Do NOT help practices maximize their revenue
  • Do NOT allow you to upload data conveniently from your office

Physicians Ancillary Systems Holter Monitoring

Thinking about diversifying your practice and increasing revenue by investing in a Holter monitor service? Look no further than Physicians Ancillary Systems! We provide 3-channel digital Holter monitors for increased signal quality and rhythm recognition. You’ll achieve Advanced Arrhythmia Detection with our FDA-approved analysis platform and certified technicians. Our service team does all of the monitoring and scanning of data to build a full report ready for physician review.

Curious about how Holter monitoring can increase your practice’s revenue? Reach out to Physicians Ancillary Systems today to learn more!

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